Cultural Conversation is a repository of in-depth analysis of television series and cinema.

Founded by writer & author A. J. Black in 2017, Cultural Conversation is designed to provide critical analysis that digs deep, that goes beyond the surface, and unpicks how television & cinema work on a cultural, social, political and even philosophical level. We want you come away not just entertained but also intrigued and informed, and that’s why we’re not showy. We don’t want to be the next big site. We like being that nook and cranny where you will find depth and richness that isn’t available everywhere.

You’ll find many different series covered: The X-FilesAlias and Game of Thrones, even British comedies such as One Foot in the Grave. You will also find film reviews, cinema focuses in the form of ‘Scene by Scene’ breakdown series that attempt to unpick movies with a lot to say and boil them down to their essence, and much more.

Be sure to let Tony know what you think either in comments, via his social media channels on Twitter/Instagram @ajblackwriter, or via email at ajblackwriting@gmail.com.

Until then, thanks for reading!

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