The Time Is Now: A Millennium Podcast

(2019-) (48 episodes / 7 appearances)

After launching The X-Cast, my aim from the beginning was always to produce a spin-off podcast about Millennium, Chris Carter’s other 90’s series; an incredibly dark, fascinating three-season experiment in pre-millennial angst focused around Lance Henriksen’s criminal profiler Frank Black. It is, on its day, on a par with or perhaps even better than The X-Files, and it’s massively under-discussed on podcasts. It took a few years of planning and development, but The Time Is Now finally began in 2019.

This is one I handed over to X-Cast guest & Patron, Kurt North, to run as showrunner and he’s done a great job putting the show together so far. I appear sporadically on the episodes of the show I love the most.


2 – Pilot

with Darren Mooney

Analysis of Season 1, Episode 1

20 – Interview: Bill Smitrovich aka Det. Bob Bletcher

with Bill Smitrovich

Talking to Bill Smitrovich, one of the main stars of Season 1.

30 – The Curse of Frank Black

with Darren Mooney

Analysis of Season 2, Episode 6.

32 – The Hand of St. Sebastian

with Kurt North

Analysis of Season 2, Episode 8.

34 – Midnight of the Century

with Darren Mooney

Analysis of Season 2, Episode 10.