Motion Pictures

(2019-) (13 episodes / 13 appearances)

After my initial forays into podcasting about film with Black Hole Cinema and Pick a Flick! (see below), I had come to miss discussing cinema on a regular basis and after appearing on various film podcasts, I reached out to my friend Carl Sweeney of The Movie Palace & The X-Cast and we joined forces to develop a film podcast built around a deeper conversation about cinema in the wake of a new movie each episode, as opposed to just reviewing new films, podcasts which are ten a penny.

So far we’re pleased with the results, managing to have some interesting, erudite and fun conversations.


1 – Geri-Action (Rambo: Last Blood)

with Carl Sweeney

Discussing old men action cinema.

2 – Our Favourite 5 Movies

with Carl Sweeney

What it says on the tin!

3 – Anti-Hero Ethics (Joker)

with Carl Sweeney

Discussing the ethics behind anti-heroes in cinema.

4 – Stephen King’s America (Doctor Sleep)

with Carl Sweeney

Discussing the influence of King’s cinematic adaptations.

5 – The Disney Paradox (Frozen II)

with Carl Sweeney

Discussing the impact and reach of Disney beyond just animation.

6 – Scorsese & Marvel: Civil War (The Irishman)

with Carl Sweeney

Discussing the work of Martin Scorsese & the future of cinema.

7 – The Heroes Journey (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker)

with Carl Sweeney

Discussing the classic mythical heroes journey in relation to Star Wars.