Guest Appearances

Always Hold On to Smallville (2016-present) (2 appearances)

Unofficially regarded as the sister podcast to The X-Cast, given they launched around the same time with a similar format, Always Hold on to Smallville sees my friend Zach Moore going through classic superhero series Smallville one episode a time, with some DC comics stopoffs on the way. I had never seen Smallville before Zach invited me on but its always fun podcasting with Zach, even if Smallville isn’t–being brutally honest–ever going to trouble my favourite shows of all time list!


34 – Suspect

with Zach Moore

Discussing episode 2×13 ‘Suspect’


96 – Solitude

with Zach Moore

Discussing episode 5×08 ‘Solitude’

Character Unlock (2016-present) (2 appearances)

Originally devised as a spin-off to Failed Critics, part of the Failed Media network of podcasts, Character Unlock has now branched off to become its own beast. A video game podcast created by my friend Andrew Brooker and his old mate John Miller, it’s a relaxed, down to earth listen (much like FC).

These guys have forgotten more about games than I’ll ever know, but it’s been much fun shooting the breeze with them on a couple of occasions.


3 – The Horror… The Horror

with Andrew Brooker & John Miller

Discussing Resident Evil and horror in video games


32 – Assassins Pod Pt 2: Enhanced for X-Box One X

with Andrew Brooker & John Miller

Discussing Assassins Creed: Origins and the franchise

Don’t Say the ‘C’ Word (2020) (1 appearance)

Also part of my We Made This network, Don’t Say the ‘C’ Word is a podcast created by Mark Adams during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown talking about anything *but* coronavirus.

A lovely idea, which aired daily during the 2020 lockdown, and one I was very glad to help facilitate.

Failed Critics (2012-2018) (19 appearances)

One of the first shows I had the pleasure of guesting on, Failed Critics has been among the best DIY film shows on the web, and arguably deserves a larger following. Hosted by Owen Hughes & Steve Norman, it’s conversational, down to earth and always a great laugh to be on – like chatting movies down the pub with mates.

FC has sort of now drawn to a close but returns for the occasional new episode. We can only hope one day it’ll rise like a phoenix from the flames…


Avengers Minisode 4: Thor

with Owen Hughes

Discussing Thor in the run up to Age of Ultron

San Andreas, Tomorrowland & A Pod Virgin

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing Tomorrowland

In SPECTRE, It’s Columbo

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Brian Plank

Discussing Spectre and the Bond franchise.


Your Toughest Opponent

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Andrew Brooker

Discussing Creed and the Rocky franchise

Quizcast: Return of the Matt

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman, Matt Latham, Carole Petts, Matt Lambourne & Matt Aguilera

Panel quiz episode

Nice Matte

with Owen Hughes & Andrew Brooker

Discussing Green Room

Rubber Faced Bottom Buckets

with Owen Hughes, Daryl Bar & Ben Challoner

Discussing Mechanic: Resurrection and The Purge: Election Year

Blair Witch or Killer B*tch

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Paul Field

Discussing Blair Witch and the franchise

Trilogy Trashing Triple Bill

with Owen Hughes, Matt Lambourne & Brian Plank

Discussing bad movie trilogies

Halloween Necromancing Triple Bill

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing horror movie triple bills.


with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Andrew Brooker

Discussing Arrival and The Danish Girl

Unremarkable Gits & Where to Find Them

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Secret Sandra Xmas Special

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Brian Plank

Quiz based panel episode


The Old Contemptibles

with Owen Hughes & Andrew Brooker

Recorded live from The Old Contemptibles pub in Birmingham.

Mugs, Tugs & Logan

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Andrew Brooker

Discussing Logan & Friend Request

Get In!

with Owen Hughes & Steve Norman

Discussing Get Out & We Still Kill the Old Way

The Dudleycast / Comedy Triple Bill

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Paul Field

Discussing Mindhorn and comedy triple bills

Unplugged: Ultimate Haddocks

with Owen Hughes & Andrew Brooker

Recorded live from The Mitre pub in Oxford

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

with Owen Hughes, Steve Norman & Brian Plank

Discussing Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Missing Frames (2016-) (1 appearance)

Part of The Nerd Party podcast network, Missing Frames is a great film podcast in which Shawn Eastridge discusses the films people should have seen but haven’t yet, and does it on the day they first watch.

Shawn was a really fun guy to record with and since I have loads of films I probably should have seen yet haven’t, I hope I’ll pop up on this again down the road…

Observing the Pattern (2020-present) (2 appearances)

Also part of my We Made This network, Observing the Pattern is dedicated to exploring the TV series Fringe, episode by episode, in the style of shows such as The X-Cast or The Time is Now.

Originally created by Andrew Brooker, and now being show ran by Luke Winch, this is an intelligent and fun podcast which goes into depth on a great TV series. I’ve had fun in the two discussions I’ve had on it so far and I look forward to appearing on episodes down the line.

Pick a Disc (2019-present) (2 appearances)

Part of my network, We Made This, Pick a Disc is developed by my old friend, Matt Latham, and is a sort-of spin-off from Pick a Flick!, as Latham developed and toyed with this idea back when that podcast was in production. In it, Latham talks to various music fans and artists about a favourite album, unpicking why they love it.

Not the sort of show I would normally appear on, it’s nonetheless a really good podcast for music fans and podcasters.


11 – Lost Horizons: Lemon Jelly with Tony Black

with Matt Latham

Discussing the album ‘Lost Horizons’


Pick Up a Podcast (2019-) (1 appearance)

Also part of my We Made This network, Pick Up a Podcast sees Kurt North talk to podcasters about podcasting, basically, unpicking their process and their podcast journey.

It was a pleasure to talk my journey over the last 7 years and it leads into me taking turn as host to talk to a few other people soon, so I’ll be on this one again in a different way next time…

Podcast-616: A Marvel Universe Podcast (2021) (1 appearance)

Rarely Going: An Animated Star Trek Podcast (2 appearances)

The 250 (2017-present) (8 appearances)

Created by podcasting friend Darren Mooney, who I met through The X-Cast, and his friend Andrew Quinn, The 250 has swiftly become one of the best Irish podcasts on the web, talking through all 250 movies on the Top IMDB list one at a time, as well as any new films that pop in and out.

Erudite, interesting yet relaxed and funny, The 250 has been a real pleasure to appear on.


28 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

with Andrew Quinn & Darren Mooney

Discussing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & the Marvel franchise.

51 – The 250 Anniversary Special 2017

with Andrew Quinn & Darren Mooney

Segments discussing film lists.


77 – Avengers: Infinity War

with Andrew Quinn & Darren Mooney

Talking about Avengers: Infinity War.

103 – The 250 Anniversary Special 2018

with Darren Mooney & Carl Sweeney

Segments discussing film lists, this time in discussion with Darren and Carl.


129 – Avengers: Endgame

with Andrew Quinn & Darren Mooney

Talking about Avengers: Endgame.

155 – The 250 Anniversary Special 2019

with Darren Mooney & Carl Sweeney

Segments discussing film lists, this time in discussion with Darren and Carl.



The Fandomentals (2020-present) (2 appearances)

The Movie Palace (2018-present) (10 appearances)

The first podcast from Carl Sweeney, who cut his podcasting teeth on The X-Cast, and continues to be a regular producer on that show. The Movie Palace corners a niche rarely seen in film podcasts – the Hollywood studio system, covering films roughly pre-late 1960’s.

It’s a relaxed, erudite and engaging stroll through cinema of old and for someone like me not reared on these movies, a real education.


10 – Singin’ In the Rain

with Carl Sweeney, Earl J. Hess & Prahtiba A. Dabholkar

One originally put together by me for an aborted film podcast. It found a much more suitable home here.

13 – The Night of the Hunter

with Carl Sweeney

Discussing Charles Laughton’s one and only directorial effort from 1955. Warning: contains me singing.

22 – Mary Poppins

with Carl Sweeney & Sarah Blair

Discussing the Disney classic from 1964. Warning: contains more of me singing.


37 – Goldfinger

with Carl Sweeney & Gabriela Masson

Discussing the classic James Bond sequel from 1964. Warning: contains bad Sean Connery impreshions.

39 – 1st Anniversary Special

with Carl Sweeney

A brief segment discussing 1962’s The Fast Lady.



The Projection Booth (2011-present) (3 appearances)

For my money, The Projection Booth is the best movie podcast on the web. Mike White, the host, delivers podcasts of incredible length and detail, frequently interviewing people in front of and behind the camera for obscure or lost pictures. What it sometimes loses in audio quality it more than makes up for in substance, and I am thrilled to be invited to contribute to the show.


368 – Twelve Monkeys

with Mike White & Jedidiah Ayres

Talking about Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film, Twelve Monkeys.


397 – Big Trouble in Little China

with Mike White & Vincenzo Natali

Talking about John Carpenter’s 1986 film, Big Trouble in Little China.

423 – Annihilation

with Mike White & Chris Stachiw

Talking about Alex Garland’s 2018 film, Annihilation.

Trek FM’s Standard Orbit (2013-present) (5 appearances)

My introduction to the Trek FM podcast network, Standard Orbit is a fun, enjoyable series dedicated to The Original Series, hosted by Ken Tripp & my friend Zach Moore, who I met via The X-Cast. Had Zach not invited me to guest on his show, there undoubtedly would have been no Primitive Culture, my own show on the network.

This show is always fun to pop up on.


144 – Across the Pond

with Zach Moore

Talking about Destination Star Trek 2016, the show in Birmingham, UK.


165 – Star Trek at its Best

with Zach Moore

Discussing The Original Series movies.

197 – Risk is Our Business

with Zach Moore & Ken Tripp

Talking the making of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.


268 – TOS Season 0.5

with Zach Moore

Talking Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery and links to The Original Series.

Time for Cakes and Ale’s ‘Homebrew’ (2020) (1 appearance)

A similar concept to Don’t Say the ‘C’ Word from the lovely duo Becks & Eeson from the Time for Cakes and Ale podcast, Homebrew talks to artistic people during the Covid-19 lockdown to tap them for insight and inspiration.

I was honoured to be asked to appear discussing podcasting, The X-Cast, fandom and beyond, and it was a real delight to connect with them both…

Without a Mouse (2019-2020) (2 appearances)

Also part of my We Made This network, Without a Mouse is produced by Tim Henton and my old buddy, Chris Wilson, as they discuss live action Disney movies from across the history of cinema.

It’s a very relaxed, fun podcast which takes the subject matter with an appropriate amount of seriousness, and it’s been a lot of fun to appear on. The podcast ended in August 2020.


28 – The Love Bug

with Tim Henton

Discussing the 1968 Disney debut of Herbie the Volkswagen Beetle.


As of September 13, 2020:

736 podcast episodes produced

389 podcast appearances

Want to invite me onto your podcast, or interested in appearing on one of mine? Give me a shout – always keen, where possible, to meet new podcasters and explore new audio horizons.

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