TONY TALKS: Announcing Book II – Star Trek, History and Us

Greetings from planet Earth!

Some exciting news for regular followers of Cultural Conversation today as I’m delighted to announce the 2021 publication of my second book, with a freshly revealed title:

Star Trek, History and Us: Reflections of the Present and Past Throughout the Franchise.

You can pre-order the book right now from McFarland:

And this time, I even chose the title! Well, the prefix anyway!

Expect me to come back with a full synopsis of the book in time but, as you may already have seen me discuss, Star Trek, History and Us focuses on the Star Trek franchise and its 50 year history from The Cage in 1965 right through to the end of Star Trek: Picard S1 – with Discovery S3 nor Lower Decks having aired before my deadline.

The book charts the history of Star Trek alongside politics and popular culture, taking a cue from my Trek FM podcast Primitive Culture, and some of which I later parlayed into my (resting) We Made This podcast The Sanctuary. What is the relationship between The Original Series and Vietnam? How does the end of the Cold War influence The Undiscovered Country? How do we understand the American exceptionalism of Voyager? And do Discovery and Picard reconcile the end of Star Trek‘s optimistic future or a new beginning?

These are just a few of the topics in store in this book, one I can’t wait to share and talk more about, expanding in more depth on some aspects of the Star Trek chapters in my first book, Myth-Building in Modern Media (still available from all good retailers).

So keep an eye out over the next few months for more insights, information and hopefully a publication date!

Live long and prosper



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