New Podcast: MOTION PICTURES – ‘Fincher, Welles and the Auteur’ (Mank)

Brand new podcast appearance.

In the latest episode of Motion Pictures, A. J. Black and co-host Carl Sweeney this week celebrate the release of David Fincher’s chronicle of 1930s Hollywood, Mank, by discussing the cinematic auteur, in a special crossover episode with The Movie Palace Podcast.

What is auteur theory? How does it relate to Fincher and Orson Welles, who directed the key film central to Mank, Citizen Kane? And who else can be classified under this unique moniker?

You can listen directly to the episode and subscribe via the following links or on your podcast app of choice:
Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/21-fincher-welles-the-auteur-mank/id1481001598?i=1000502222941

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