New Affiliate Podcast: THE MOVIE PALACE – ‘Reflections in a Golden Eye’

Brand new podcast appearance.

In the latest episode of The Movie Palace, myself and my guest Wynter Tyson discuss the 1967 John Huston melodrama Reflections in a Golden Eye.

Now. You may have noticed that The Movie Palace is not my podcast, rather the province of my friend and Motion Pictures co-host Carl Sweeney, however this episode is one of several in the coming weeks/months that is appropriated from a (currently) aborted podcast project of mine, The New Wave, all about New Hollywood cinema from 1967-1983. I hope to come back to this project in some form one day but, for now, so these episodes I enjoyed producing won’t go to waste, Carl graciously allowed me to share them with The Movie Palace as they skirt the remit of his classic-movie oriented show.

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