New Podcast: BLAIR WITCH MINUTE #0 – ‘Introducing The Blair Witch Project’

Brand new podcast appearance.

In the first episode of Blair Witch Minute, myself and my co-host Mike Jozic discuss and introduce The Blair Witch Project.

If you’re not aware of the Movies by Minutes website, do check it out. There are many podcasters developing shows based on looking at films one minute at a time, and it’s a fantastic way to get under the skin of a particular movie. The X-Cast just completed this for The X-Files: Fight the Future and I decided to develop one around 1999’s seminal found footage horror movie, The Blair Witch Project, as it’s one of my favourite pictures. Exploring it in granular fashion should be an incredibly rewarding experience.

The podcast fully kicks off in early November but you may enjoy this half hour scene setter and, if you do, I encourage you to subscribe and join in on the twice or maybe thrice weekly fun from November onwards.

You can listen directly to the episode and subscribe via the following links or on your podcast app of choice:


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