New Guest Article: STAR TREK: PICARD – COUNTDOWN #1 (Review)

Every now and then I contribute to other websites writing about film, TV, media and sometimes comics, as in this piece for Pop Culture & Comics.

In my first piece for the site, I look at the first issue of Star Trek: PicardCountdown, the new IDW Publishing tie-in comic which directly leads into the upcoming, much anticipated CBS All Access (or Amazon Prime) show launching in January.

Below is a sneak preview…

2020 is kicking off with arguably the most exciting Star Trek project in decades – Star Trek: Picard, the return of Sir Patrick Stewart in the role that has defined his career in popular culture, reviving the legendary Captain Jean-Luc Picard for an all-new adventure at the very end of the 24th century.

As with any new Star Trek project, IDW Publishing are mining the material for whatever they can get. The broader publishing arm linked to CBS & Viacom, who own Star Trek, have worked hard since Star Trek: Discovery revived the franchise on television to tether the broader media universe of books and comics to the on-screen, canonical storylines of the Trek universe, and Picard: Countdown is no exception.

On the basis of this first issue, it will expressly sketch in a key piece of backstory in Picard’s future history fans have been wondering about since the initial Star Trek: Picard trailers, and the title of this prequel comic is by degrees a cheeky wink to quite how this series intends to deal with a potentially difficult point of canon…

You can read the rest by following the jump here.

Star Trek: Picard – Countdown #1 is now available from IDW Publishing.

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