Tony Talks #13: Welcome to the Re-Brand!

Hey there, everyone!

Something looks strange, you may well be thinking on reading this post, and well, you’d be right. I’ve had a re-brand, a little re-design, and a larger re-think about my blog space.

Since parting ways as editor of Set The Tape in the spring, I’ve been going back and forth on what this blog space should be, as I anguished over in my last update. It strikes me that if my future doesn’t lie in running a website, and more as an independent author and freelance writer, then I ought to start framing what I do in those terms.

So! Here’s my plan…

The blog space here has been renamed. I’ve always liked Cultural Conversation (indeed, at first, that was what I wanted to call my upcoming book), but it has started to feel a little unwieldy in terms of what I see this blog being. The domain now corresponds with my Twitter handle and more firmly designates this space as my own, personal blog, as opposed to what feels like a broader website. I’ve thrown in (Un)Popular Culture as a fun overarching name, winking to the content I intend to focus on.

This blog will not fundamentally change a great deal. I’ll still talk much of what I’ve talked before, but I am dabbling a little more now in the freelance writer life, in the hopes of getting bits and bobs of paid work for broader articles on entertainment and popular culture. As well as doing the odd piece for Set The Tape, and returning after a couple of years to the Flickering Myth team, I am also now writing pieces for Escapist Magazine and The Spool, plus there are one or two other irons in the fire to come.

I will divide my time between writing for various different sites while returning here to noodle around on things that are maybe a little more bespoke and personal – stuff like my reviews of Alias, or digging into older movies or TV shows, plus my occasional updates such as these or monthly roundups, and promoting my podcast appearances. I’ll also, naturally, use this space as a place to update on my authorial efforts. Indeed, I just signed a contract for my second book, which I’ve already started on, and I’ll talk more about down the road.

So that’s about it. The last few weeks have seen quite a bit of mental back and forth over this but, for now, this seems to be the right direction for me. As always, thank you enormously if you read my blog efforts, and if you did want to show your appreciation when you read something you like, a little reminder that I have an active Ko-Fi where you can throw me the equivalent of a coffee now and then. I haven’t had any donations as of yet so if you could be the first, and inject a little air into the financial coffers, that’d be great. Every bit of support helps keep the train moving.

Anyhow, have a great week folks, and see you round the bend.



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