New Podcast Guest Appearance: Pick A Disc – ‘Lost Horizons: Lemon Jelly’

Hosted by Matt Latham, Pick A Disc is part of the We Made This podcast network and sees a guest choose an album of music which they come on to the show and discuss.

Latham–a very old friend of mine, first from the online and eventually the real world–was gracious enough to invite me on to discuss Lost Horizons, an experimental, acoustic album from 2002 by the fairly obscure band Lemon Jelly.

Amidst the usual banter while perched in my living room, we discuss Lemon Jelly, how I discovered it during my years at university, and how it tethers to my film music passion…

You can listen to the episode on Spreaker, Apple Podcasts, your podcast player of choice, or via direct download below.

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