Tony Talks #10 – 37 Movies for 37 Years

What’s up, guys?

So exactly a month today, June 9th, I am going to be a princely 37 years old. Crap age really, isn’t it? Bit of a non-number. Very definitely means I’m no longer *young* but I’m not quite middle-aged either, not quite at 40 when all that life begins, or so they say.

Anyway, as part of my desire to revisit and discover new movies, I’ve hatched upon an idea. I’m going to dissect and write about 37 movies across the next 12 months to celebrate my age but, here’s the rub, I want *you* to decide what they’re going to be.

The rules:

  • Feel free to nominate a film in comments here or via social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook etc… You can message me too, that’s cool, would be fun to chat!
  • English-language movies only – mainly because I still have loads of films that aren’t foreign language to discover before I tap that well.
  • NO new releases in cinemas – partly due to financial means, mostly because there’s a greater chance of finding something unusual or classic.
  • Available on streaming services – again, partly financial, but also for ease. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime & NOW TV aka Sky Cinema, so plenty of options.
  • NO multiples – as in, “the MCU” or “the Bond films”. You can choose *a* franchise film but I wouldn’t want 20 of the 37 being the same thing!
  • ONE VOTE and one vote only – the more people who chip in to this, the better.

Whatever film you nominate, I’ll drop you a mention in the article and put your name in lights on social media, which may get you a follow here and there. If you’re a Patron, you’ll get the film earlier – plus I may do you some extra writing linked to it, just for you.

So there we go. Consider this your birthday present to me. Throw me a flick you either want me to discover, or re-discover, for whatever your reasons, and I’ll churn out some words on it.

Look forward to seeing what I’m going to be watching over the next 12 months!

T x

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