Tony Talks #3 – Stages, Podcasts and The Book gets a Name

Of all the blogs in all the world, you had to run into mine!

Since you’re here – hi! A quick update from yours truly on all things Tony given it’s been a bit quiet this last week. A fair few things going on behind the scenes.

Firstly, yes, I’m giving The Book which I’m working on a tentative name, or at least a working title, which is… *drum roll*

Cult Fiction Uncovered: The Mythology of Modern TV & Cinema

Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? Like I say, this is the working title but given the book is technically an academic text, they tend to usually have a sub-title and this gives a broad example of what the book contains. So instead of referring to it as The Book, I’ll call it Cult Fiction from now on. A bit like Pulp Fiction, just less cool.

Cult Fiction took a turn, actually, over the last week or so. Truth be told, I’ve been suffering from a bit of the so-called Writer’s Block lately. It isn’t that I don’t know what to write about–if anything it’s the opposite, too much choice–but rather that I was worried the whole shooting match was getting away from what originally interested me about the subject matter: what mythology, in TV & cinematic franchise terms, means and how it works.

It was during invigilating an exam (which as anyone reading knows who has done it is a mental challenge of, sometimes, Olympian proportions) that the way to approach the book struck me. Just one of those glorious moments of clarity. From then on, I was away and I’ve this week been hastily writing, rewriting and restructuring as I prepare to knuckle down and dig in over the next month and a bit. Luckily, most of the 35-40,000 words already written don’t have to be jettisoned either, so… happy days!

This does mean the blogging may continue to be sporadic, mind. I’m chomping at the bit to continue Alias but priorities to CF (Jesus, I’m already abbreviating it!) must come first. There will be a piece on the second season of Luke Cage at the weekend, given Netflix sent me it to review early for Set The Tape (cheers Netflix!), so that may tide you over for a wee while.

In other news, as I mentioned previously, it was great to rock up on Mike White’s The Projection Booth and talk Twelve Monkeys – I don’t think I acquitted myself too badly and I’ll be hopefully back on later in the year or in 2019 to, if it comes off, talk one of my favourite movies from the 1980’s but… we’ll see.

Also, and this is really quite exciting, I’m taking my X-Files podcast The X-Cast on stage! Yes, for real. As part of the first ever Birmingham Podcast Festival, in fact, at the Mockingbird Cinema in Birmingham’s Custard Factory district. Joined by my friend & fellow co-host Carl Sweeney, The X-Cast will be on for about 45 minutes on Sunday July 8th talking… well, obviously The X-Files, but quite what we’re doing I’ll keep classified for now. It hopefully will be fun, anyway, and we’re flanked by a great lineup of fellow local Brummie pod talent. If you’re in the area or fancy a day out, tickets are £15 and you get hours of quality entertainment, and me to bring the tone right down!

Beyond that, loads of busy and fun stuff – working on my wedding venue, a birthday trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see two Star Trek movies in concert (and see some of my TrekFM buds in the bargain) and the World Cup has started, so that should keep me suitably distracted from writing for a few weeks!

That’s enough rambling from me at any rate. I’ve got A Book to write. I mean Pulp Fiction–Cult Fiction! Oh, whatever.

T x

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